Ann Liv Young: Sherry is Present Featuring A Very Sherry Christmas Performances

Anyone else remember Pee In the Pangate? Ann Liv Young will be performing for audiences once more. Louis B. James gallery doesn’t have has a website which strangely doesn’t come up on google, so I’m posting the full press release below.

Ann Liv Young: Sherry is Present Featuring A Very Sherry Christmas Performances

December 5, 2011 – January 7, 2012

Opening Reception: December 7, 6-8PM

Full performance schedule below Louis B. James is pleased to present Ann Liv Young’s first gallery solo exhibition. The show will function as a mid-career retrospective of the artist’s work as Sherry, touching on the major performances, controversies, and triumphs of her tumultuous existence.

Sherry emerged on the scene in 2006, borne out of Young’s desire to create an economically sustainable performance model that “always succeeds. ” W eaving within and around Young’ s formal, choreographed spectacles, Sherry engages directly with audience members around issues of sexuality, psychology, art making and performance. She is confrontationally honest, defiant of expectation, and revelatory in her deft handling of the desires of both individuals and crowds.

Sherry is Present will feature vignettes from Sherry’s history, including performance relics, video clips, and a selection of the critical corpus surrounding her work. As such Sherry, already an institution, enters the canon of the history of performance art. Also on view will be a recorded session of Sherapy between Sherry and Young and a roped-off replica of Sherry’s sitting room. The gallery’s basement will function as Sherry’s Christmas bazaar and gift shop, Sherapy space, and video lounge.

Above all, Sherry will be present, offering Sherapy sessions for individuals and couples (with complimentary DVD), photographs with Sherry in her sitting room, handmade sculptures, Sherry calendars, Sherry DVDs, Sherry t-shirts, Sherry tote bags, glittering pink popcorn, purple lattes, masturbation workshops, arts and crafts sessions, lectures on coping with holiday stress, and much more.

A full schedule of events follows; for tickets to ticketed events please email or call (212) 533 4670. Space is limited.

A Very Sherry Christmas Performance and Event Schedule

ONGOING: Sherapy for couples and individuals available

Tuesdays (walk-in or appointment) 1-5PM,

Saturdays 12-6 (by appointment only), $50/individual session; $75/couples session, DVD of session included December 5– 7, hours vary:

Open For Installation, Louis B. James gallery directors and Sherry curate and install Sherry is Present Wednesday, December 7, 6-9PM:

Opening Reception, hosted by Sherry, FREE Thursday, December 8, 7-9PM: Holiday masturbation workshop for women, $25 with free audiotape

Sunday, December 11, 11AM-6PM: Arts and Crafts, hosted by Sherry, FREE Create holiday ornaments to take home or for use at our Tree Trimming event!

Friday, December 16: Coping With Christmas Stress, lecture and performance by Sherry, 7PM, $25

Sunday, December 18, 11AM-4PM: Tree Trimming, hosted by Sherry. Trim the tree and then trim your bush, FREE.

Thursday, December 22, 7PM: Sherry’s Christmas Show, lecture and performance by Sherry, $25

Saturday, January 7, 7PM: Sherry’s Post-Christmas Counseling and Gift Exchange, $25

Followed by closing Sherr-aoke party, location TBA For tickets and more information please email or call (212) 533 4670.

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